Kyocera Pro E6810, unable to charge with charger

I have a Kyocera Pro E6810,  The only way I am able to charge it is with a USB to computer.  I cannot get it to charge with a wireless charger,  Regular charger or Turbo Charger.

When Plugged into any charger (except for Computer USB)  The devices switches from Plugged to Unplugged constantly.  It will Not take a charge.

I am ineligible for a replacement for another year.  I took it to a store and they have never seen anything like it before.    Do I have anyother options?

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Re: Kyocera Pro E6810, unable to charge with charger
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Thank you for the details walter.lefort. We know the importance of being able to charge the phone with a regular charger, and we're here to help. Please try to charge your phone while in Safe Mode and let us know if it works better. To go into Safe Mode press and hold the Power button until the Power off prompt appears then release. Touch and hold Power off until the Safe mode prompt appears then release. Reboot into Safe Mode. 


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