LG 2 the screen is got dead spots .

Wife's got the LG 2 and the screen has dead spots on it . Have to go to just the right area and click and hope that it works . She's going to be getting an upgrade , but the issue is trying to get all her saved photos and things off of there to be backed up is the issue . For the dead spots aren't allowing her to enter in any of the information to use bluetooth or google account to load them there or to the verizon cloud because of these dead spots . Any ideas on if they could save this at the store for her photos or is this something that going to see all of her photos mainly family pictures lost since ?



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Re: LG 2 the screen is got dead spots .
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Being able to retrieve your pictures and other media is imperative, Woodson0688. I wouldn't want to lose my family pictures either. Let's review our options together. I know you mentioned that her device screen is not working due to dead areas. Is there any part of the screen that works? Have you attempted to transfer the content via computer? Here is a link to all available content transfer processes: http://spr.ly/6608EoR7a . There is an option for USB via PC. Just to clarify, do you have n LG G2? Please let us know if this information helps.