LG G3 4/14/17 update
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Did latest update and now cannot connect to home wifi.  It recognizes it & has excellent signal strength.  Shows it as locked, even tried putting in password but nothing happens.  Even powered off phone, same results.....HELP!!

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Re: LG G3 4/14/17 update
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Thank you for reaching out to us in this community forum, Chaines48. We want to make sure you are able to use your device to its full capabilities. Are you able to use all of your other services and features? Are you able to connect to a different Wi-Fi or is this affecting all Wi-Fi connections? Have you tried resetting your networks settings?


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Re: LG G3 4/14/17 update
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That lock icon just means that it's a secured network, aka one with a password.

Try going to Settings > Backup & reset > Network settings reset.

If anything in the network settings got hung up from the update, that should resolve it. Try doing that, restart the phone again, then try connecting to the Wi-Fi using the password again. You may want to reboot the router as well if you haven't yet.