LG G3 Bluetooth no longer connected with Media

I have LG G3 phone and big jambox by Jawbone, both items got from verizon. I have connected with this jambox for over 2 years, but all of a sudden it shows that I am only connected via Calls and calls thru bluetooth does work. I have reboted phone, jam box and unpaired and repaired several times.

android version 6

security patch 2017-02-01

sw version VS9854BA

any suggestions

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Hey, as noted by someone in another thread about this, what helped me was turning off Bluetooth, and taking out the battery, waiting, putting it back in, and restarting. Not sure why this helps specifically, but I was able to connect to media in my car again after that. Before, I tried for hours to find a solution, it's the first one that worked so far.

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We always want to make sure that your devices are pairing successfully. How long has your Jawbone not been connecting to your LG G3? Around the time this started do you remember making any changes to your device (new software update, new applications, etc)?


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