LG G3 rebooted continously after recent update now won't turn on
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I have a LG G3 that started having problems after the recent ~235 MB update that was pushed last week.  It was plugged in the charger during that update and everything seemed to work fine for a day or so afterwards.  I soon started getting random reboots which progressively worsened until the point that I started getting occasional green screens upon reboot.  Between the reboots the phone functioned normally except for the length of time it took for Android to "optimize app"s after the reboot cycles towards the end.  I finally I took it to a local Verizon store which did a factory reset and the phone worked well for the last 3 days with ~3 reboots.  Today the phone shut off and will not restart.  I tried a different battery, starting with it plugged in the charger, held the power button with the volume down button, nothing will bring it back to life.  I haven't installed any apps within the last couple months and the phone looks like new.  Any suggestions on what to try?  This is my work phone!

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ameritus, it is concerning for us to hear that no resolution has been met in regards to having this issue resolved. You say that you are having issues with having the Verizon Wireless Software Upgrade Assistant install on your computer. Are you attempting to install it after connecting your device to your computer with a USB cable?


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