LG G3 will not charge or turn on.

I've had my LG G3 (model LG-VS985) for almost 2 years now. 2 days ago I was simply watching youtube and it randomly turned off. I was on low battery around 15%, but it has never shut off on its own, not until it was past 5% (which I wasn't past). I have tried so many things to get my phone to work again. I have tried charging my phone. Nothing lights up when I charge my phone. I have tried: removing my battery, hard resetting, resetting my phone while phone was plugged in with no battery, holding the power button with no battery, and even completely taking apart my phone.

My phone has no obvious damage to it. Of course I've dropped it throughout the time I've had it, but I have never had a problem with it after. Like I said, there are no cracks, dents, or obvious damage on the phone. I tried taking my phone to a local Verizon store, but they only were able to advise me to do the same things I have already been doing. The online chat has given me the same answers, along with LG customer service.

I am completely out of ideas on how to fix my phone. The only thing I haven't tried yet is trying a new battery. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can try to fix my phone without it being sent in for repair?

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Re: LG G3 will not charge or turn on.

Same with me. My G3 just randomly shut down & all I can get it to do is vibrate, show LG logo & it promptly shuts off. If it'll save you money, I replaced my battery & still won't start up.

However, if at all possible, U can install LG SUITE on ur computer & connect ur phone, (I've read to press power button on phone as ur connecting to computer AND apparently it's important to have a good phone USB cord - I just got my new one today)  PRAY , and possibly u might be able to troubleshoot that way.

Re: LG G3 will not charge or turn on.
Customer Service Rep

STARCRAFTLEADER, we don't want this to be an ongoing issue for you. You mentioned that you reset your phone. Did you master reset that device back to factory settings by tapping Settings>Backup & Reset>Factory Data Reset>Reset Phone?

Did you download the same applications that you had before on your phone? Some 3rd party applications will have serious negative effects on your device which can cause battery draining 2 to 3 times faster than normal. We recommend that you uninstall any unwanted applications by tapping Settings>Application Manager>tap the Application>Select Uninstall. Let us know if these steps improve the performance of your phone. Should you continue to have issues on that device, you may reach out to LG, the manufacturer at 800-793-8896 or at their website http://www.lg.com/us/cell-phones

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