LG G3 will not turn on

My phone randomly shut itself off - still had over 50% battery.  Will not turn back on no matter what I do.  Tried taking the battery out and back in, tried a different battery, tried taking SIM card out and in, tried charging for several hours (doesn't register that it's plugged into a charger tho).  Have tried everything on every online forum I've been able to find - including holding the power and volume buttons to try to force a "factory reboot".  Absolutely nothing has make the slightest change.  Help!

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Re: LG G3 will not turn on
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Your phone is so vitally important. I know I would be concerned if this happened to me. You have done so many troubleshooting steps. This helps us with so many things. We appreciate it. I have sent you a Private Message. Please reply back and we can continue there.

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