LG G3 with Android 6.0 w 3/1 security update is rebooting and disconnecting from wifi intermittently. Already tried Safe mode and hard reset. Problem is still there. I think it is a software issue.

My LG G3 purchased new December 2015 is intermittently rebooting and the wifi is disconnecting and reconnecting.  MicroSD reboots unmounts and remounts.   Already tried changing out battery to Anker battery, safe mode, and three hard resets.  LG says to send phone for diagnostic and they will charge me, Verizon says phone is out of warranty.   Verizon pushed the software updates to me, but says I need to purchase a new device if it can't fixed. Seems to be acting up since 3/1/2016 with the Android 6.0 security update.   Has anyone encountered this issues and figured out a fixe?

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