LG G4 after the 13B update

Well I have been working with the Verizon peeps on FB but cannot get a reply after asked to send private message.

Traded in for LG G4 about a month ago. Everything going along smooth until yesterday around 7 or 8 AM I took the fat update to 13B. Installed fine and everything updated. Since it is what I call a fat update (large around 422 MB) I did a factory reset, set up as new device and BAM! 4G is a crawl or non-existent. Company email, GMAIL, alerts I get them here and there. One GMAIL i sent from my desk at work took five minutes to get to phone.

While corrersponding with FB Verizon I decided while waiting for a response to run a constant ping test....OH NOES! UP TO 17005 MS which is about 17 seconds and every couple pings two or more timeouts. Not good outside with 5 bars and 4G arrows not moving. FB Verizon confirmed no issues in 43613 Toledo area. One up the road about 7 miles west and 3 miles north from my location so should not be a factor.

See the convo here:


Anywho...what's next? I work for another 3 hours then vacation...without phone???

Happy Turkey Day!

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