LG G5 Battery Life Horrible after Oreo Update

My G5 recently received the dreaded Oreo update. After this update, my phone's battery life has been dismal at best. Now I have read multiple forums, and have read the canned replies by Verizon. I have called Verizon myself numerous times and all have the same responses. (Yes, I have cleared the cache. YES, I have disabled apps I don't use. YES, I have tried different batteries. Yes, Yes Yes... I have done it all!! ) I would like to know how many others have had this issue?

Before the update my battery would last for days without being charged. Now, it will discharge to half over night without me even using it. If I want to use the phone like I did before, I'm lucky to get a few hours out of it. This is absolutely ridiculous. I find it interesting that this happens right about the time that I become "Eligible for an upgrade" .Well, I'm sorry. I am not forking over hundreds of dollars for a phone or agreeing to your stupid payment plan. I have also been told to send the phone back to Asurion for a replacement- Yes this is a Refurb phone.... 2nd one actually. First phone I Dropped and cracked screen... Got new phone. That phone worked for about a couple months,, then the GPS antenna stopped working... Got another replacement which was working perfectly before the update. SO now with all that... I never get reimbursed for a new screen protector at 10 bucks a pop. And now I am told to send phone in again.. when we see that many others are having the same issue.

This is a well orchestrated conspiracy between Verizon, LG, and the phone software developer. I am sure if someone puts the time and effort into this.. something can and will happen. I am taking to the social media airwaves because phone calls to tech support and customer service are not getting the trick done. I want answers. There are plenty of people with the same issue that would be happy to join in a class action lawsuit. It would not be hard to prove that there is an issue with the updates, and that the updates are done with malicious intent to slow down phones and or decrease their battery life to force people into buying new phones.

I challenge someone from Verizon to step up to the plate on this and provide an educated answer, without canned responses. I will continue my fight on this, and will take it to social media on a daily basis until someone wants to listen. Are you out there verizon? Can you hear me now? All I want is my phone to work as it should, and not be forced to purchase a new product. I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years. This is no way to treat customers. Step up Verizon, and reach out to me. Fix the problem, or provide new phones. Plain and simple.

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