LG G5 dead!!!
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My son charged his g5 to 100% took it off the charger and it went black.  we couldn't get it started, tried all the things the internet suggested, nothing.... got a new charger... nothing.... just bought a new battery.... NOTHING...... Verizon said they cant help... i'd have to pay the phone off..  how nice.  a dead phone I have to pay off...

any other tricks I could try???

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How old is the phone? Under warranty or have insurance? Any other possible damage to the device?

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geej88, ensuring your son has a properly working phone is my goal. Help is here. Ann154, these are great questions. Thank you so much for all of your help. geej88, so sorry to ask this question but has there been any damage to the device? This device doesn't have a removable battery. How were you able to have just the battery replaced?


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