LG G5 frequent signal dropping. 1x "emergency calls only"

This has been an ongoing problem for over a year now.   It seemed to coincide with the big update around November 2016.

I live in the Bay Area, and in many locations (most of the east bay) I get no signal at all.  It works fine in most of SF, but is horrible indoors and outside the city.

In Berkeley, for example, I can't make calls or use data at all.  In all of these cases, my wife's phone (also on Verizon, but a different model) works just great!

I have tried a variety of things including changing the SIM card and doing a factory reset.  Sometimes if I turn Airplane mode on and off, the signal will come back briefly.  This doesn't always work, nor is it a real solution.

I have tried changing the Network mode, and that sometimes looks like it is working, as I will suddenly have bars and 4g again, but still, can't make calls or use data.

I have taken my phone to a Verizon store, but all they could suggest was turning the phone off and on, and turning data off and on.

I hope someone has some good new advice!

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Re: LG G5 frequent signal dropping. 1x "emergency calls only"
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HOWARD TAFT We understand how important it is to have excellent service. We're always working to improve our network. I'm sorry you're experiencing problems. I assure you I will do all the research necessary to get this resolved for you. We don't have any known issues in your area. Can you please tell where in Berkeley is this happening(zip code)? What happens when you try to make a call (error message)? Rest assured we will get this taken care of for you.
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