LG G5 no LTE (4g) and is on 3G or 1x only. Drops calls, no data.
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Over the last month my LG G5 has gotten very unreliable. I purchased it release day, April 2016. My last phone, a Droid Maxx would have 4G nearly all the time where I lived at.  It was actually rare, near non-existent when I WOULDN'T have 4G.  I could make calls while driving to and from work with no issues.  Fast forward to the G5, and I am almost always on 3G or 1X with terrible signal.  It constantly drops calls that I make, or it doesn't even ring at all.  It is rare that I make a phone call and the phone doesn't drop it.  I travel a lot for work and would use Pandora/GPS while I drove.  Now, I can't reliably use Pandora because of the non-existent data.  The phone is really frustrating me and I feel stuck with it since I owe $400 on it.  I don't want to get stuck with a refurbished phone.    Anyone have any advice on what my options may be? 

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Re: LG G5 no LTE (4g) and is on 3G or 1x only. Drops calls, no data.
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I'd be just as concerned with a service experience like this, Dannomite03. Here to help get your G5 working like you need it to be. Just in case, have you checked under Settings > More > Mobile Networks > System Select > Is set to Global > Data Roaming Access > Set to Allow Access for All Trips?

Also under Settings > Advanced Calling > Is HD Voice enabled or disabled? Try testing calls with these different settings.

You may also want to pick up a new SIM card. It is possible that your current SIM may be corrupt. Visit your nearest direct store location for a free SIM card.

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