LG G5 update issues

I did a search but didn't see everything I am dealing with now.  My fingerprint sensor will lag out and tell me to use the password instead.  When I try to swipe the password it lags out and then ends up going into the phone anyways after a few seconds.  Not sure how that is going to protect my phone if anyone can hit the sensor and get in.  The auto dimmer doesn't work right.  It is either stare straight at the sun or are we in a mine?  The phone will be plugged into the charger and draining battery.  It also will just shut itself off like it is dead and when I turn it back on it is at 42% or 38%.  I thought my charger was having an issue but it is the phone.  This happened with the V3 and the Turbo phone I had.  The updates at 2 years caused issues and forced an upgrade.  Are they doing this on purpose?  I had just paid it off with Verizon and bam update for the operating system and then the security upgrade have made the phone worse.  I love this phone and had hoped to get another year out of it before taking on 2 years of payments again.  I miss the old bricks that lasted forever.  It seems that whenever anything Google updates that my phone acts up and at this point I am unsure what the phone actually needs.  I clear all apps so I know nothing else is draining this phone.  The phone was very warm the other day and I noticed that my pictures aren't always focused now.  Did your speaker blow out too?  Mine did about 2 months ago.  It is very crackly.  I don't blare my music or videos.  I have to use headphones now if I play a video.  So what is everyone going to upgrade to?  So far I have really liked the LG V series.  I need something with a great camera and screen. 

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