LG G5 versus LG G10 or even G20

It's time for me to upgrade and I love LG. I've been wanting the LG G10 but after reading some of the issues with it, I am undecided. Do I go with LG G5 or LG G10? or hold out until the LG G20?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: LG G5 versus LG G10 or even G20
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"Do I go with LG G5 or LG G10? or hold out until the LG G20"

1st off, there are no G10 or G20, you mean the V10 & V20. The LG release [& ergo, content increase] goes: V10, G5, V20 & next year G6 [which has recently been announced will forsake the G5's modular "friends" attachments, orphaning those peripherals. C'est la vie! Get'em while you can, G5'ers!] So if you don't want the G5, you want to get the V20 or else wait for the G6. [V10 = discontinued/passe'e/orphan toy.]

[Rant Mode On]

So far, I'm happy enough with the G5 hardware, but as usual, Verizon has handicapped their version of the phone w/ execrable software. I wish they'd stop doing that & just let the manufacturers' OEM software play through, it usually has the advantage of at least being well-tested [& not possessed of the normally horrible user interface choices VZW insists on making. Egads, you'd think they were poaching their programmers from MicroSuck!] Example: the Messaging+ app won't let you delete a single message, only entire conversations. Oh, & there doesn't appear to be any way to forward a message! What? And contacts? Seems I don't have any, despite a hundred or so in my phone contacts (that I had to import manually: long story short, VZW's import process kept wanting to take the first name first format from my LG Octane & import it as "First, Last" [instead of Last, First like they were trying for..]) Come again? So, the text messaging app doesn't recognize the phone app's contact list. Who's responsible for this mess, & why do they still have a job?

And the stinkers @ VZW had LG burn this cr@ptastic software into firmware, so there's not even any way to keep it from tying up much-needed system memory. Yes, you can disable it, but that only hides it from view, it's still loading itself at startup. Grrr. So even if you sideload a functional app on the phone & use it, you've lost that much memory to bloatware. Shame on you, Verizon! I'm paying enough for the phone, you shouldn't go to such lengths to handicap my ownership thereof! [Rant Off]