Re: LG G6 $200 Gift card - June Promotion not being honored

And I'm now getting <<removed>> out of my $100 gift card.  Every time I submitted my rebate request, I got an error message on the last step.  However, 2 weeks later, when I again went to the ACB incentives site to submit my request (and got another error message), I saw that I had numerous "Submitted/Pending documentation" claims.  Since my claim(s) obviously did go through, I stopped attempting to submit a claim b/c I figured that'd just delay the process and that I'd get an email asking for my "pending documentation."  I waited 6 weeks for processing time and called ACB today to inquire of when the process was going to get moving, only to discover that I was "supposed" to upload my documentation during the aforementioned process, which I didn't know b/c I got an error message every time I got to that third step in the rebate process (and b/c they never "heard" of the site being down at any time before my call, there's nothing they can do--uh, why would I have submitted a claim 6 times in a row without documents if the site was working?).  All documentation was to be in by January 8th and LG has "shutdown" the promo.  SO, looks like I'm not getting my $100.  Awesome.

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