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So I bought an LG G6 in May, and on the third week the glass covering the dual cameras completely shattered, and at that point the device had never been dropped, had a case, and a screen protector...

It was literally set down on a table and picked up...

It also over heats, has bad reception, and I have had to factory reset it due to it bootlooping.

It is an awful phone. Just wanted you let people know not to buy it...I wish I would have done more research first, a lot of other customers with the G6 have posted in other online forums about these same exact issues, particularly the camera issue. LG won't add the camera screen to the manufacturer defects for a warranty return (I'm going to process an insurance claim) as they state it was caused by physical damage.

LG won't own up to the defect, and the fact that they used cheap glass...

I know it's not Verizon's fault...not blaming them, just wanted to let people know not to buy the G6 if they were thinking about it.

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Re: LG G6 Camera
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We're disappointed to learn you've had trouble with your new phone, RAGEMA94. I rely on my phone to work well and definitely want the same for you. I did review the device for any known issues and did not find any. We're sorry to hear LG was not helpful. Have you checked your account for insurance? Are you able to take pictures still? Any other troubleshooting completed? 



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