LG G6 calendar notifications not showing
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I just set up my new LG G6 this week and the calendar event notifications are not popping up on my phone.  I have looked at every setting that I can think of.  On my Lg G3 I had no problems with the notifications.  Any suggestions?

Also, I know the LG G6 does not have notification lights, but is there a good app to accomplish that?


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Congratulations on your new G6, samwv! I hope you're absolutely loving it.

I know how important the Calendar Notifications, as I personally rely on mine. If you're using the default Calendar application on your phone, you can open the app> select Menu, (three dots upper right)> Settings> Notification Settings> customize Notifications Via, as well as Notification Sound. Then you can back completely out of the Calendar and test.

As for LED notifications, there are many different apps in the Play Store, but we're really not able to recommend certain ones. I would just check by ratings in the app.


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