LG G6 horizontal static/snow


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As much as I like my LG G6, today it developed a horizontal bar of static/snow, which is much like the snow for an old TV with no reception from an antenna or the cable coaxial.  See the above image.

It just appeared today, with no known simuli or event to start it.  That includes no drops of the phone.

The bar is almost always present, and seems to respond in size to the touch screen, where it gets bigger to the touch.  And it is lined up with the cameras and light on the back of the phone.

I've already followed the troubleshooting guide on screen blankness and nothing worked.  It included: reboot, safe mode, remove SD card, checking inversion.  There were one or two more items.

Has anyone else seen this?

If so, has anyone found a fix for this?  e.g. Maybe it is a firmware issue, update issue, or strange HW bug.



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Re: LG G6 horizontal static/snow
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The screen is failing in this area. Possibly because of mechanical stress at the edges..

Here's what you could try, short of getting the screen / device replaced:

Warning: either of these steps could make the situation worse.

1). Remove it from the case. The case alone, or something under the case lip could be applying pressure to the LCD screen on either the right or left hand side.

2). With the case off, and holding it with your two hands in portrait mode, run your thumbs up and down the right and left-hand edges of the screen with a little pressure.