LG G6 sudden battery drain

All of a sudden, the battery is draining very quickly on my LG G6 phone.  I have had it for less than 2 months and have done nothing different from yesterday (or the days before that).  I have shut down apps, done a battery optimization, turned off Wi-Fi, walked through the entire Verizon trouble-shooting menu and still cannot figure out what is going on.

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Re: LG G6 sudden battery drain
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Is it getting warm? If so, there's a good chance it's trying to communicate over WiFi or the Cellular network for some reason.

Did you power all the way down and back up?

Three things come to mind to deduce what is going on:

a). You can go into Settings | Battery, and see what is consuming the battery.

b). Also go into Settings | Data Usage. Enable Mobile Data to track mobile data usage. Examining both tabs (Mobile and Wi-Fi), what is sending and receiving the most data?

c). Finally, install a program from the PlayStore like Simple System Monitor. How much time are the CPU cores being used at high-frequencies? Where is it spending the most of it's time? Is it doing a lot of reads and writes to internal storage? Of the Active Processes, what's using the most CPU?

You'll find the cause.

Re: LG G6 sudden battery drain
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Having a reliable battery is important to have with any device. Please allow me to review this with you more. With regard to your device has anything changed on your phone recently? When did you start having battery issues?


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