LG G8 Thin Q

I am sooooo disappointed. I have always loved Verizon and I was excited to get the new LG G8 Thin Q.

Now it is one of the worst phones I have had thus far. I changed from an droid to a iphone to LG and I have always been happy with my LGs except this one....

I paid all that money have had it less than a month and still cannnot get it to connect and stay connected to a Wi-Fi connection and the in phone connection is soooo slow.

I have a co-worker with the same phone but sprint and they had her down load an app called caller plus that took care of problem....hmmmmm

I was on chat with the support personnel two different times yesterday forever and no fix, no solution, no app!

The sugesstion was.....I have insurance so I can send in for a replacment....thing is I paid about $900 for a brand new phone that I have had for less than 30 days and if sent in....insurance replaces with a refurbished phone and I am left paying for the new one that didnt work....smh....

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Re: LG G8 Thin Q
Customer Service Rep

Warnercs, we always want you enjoying your new device and are sorry to hear that this has not been the case for yours. The good news is, all of our devices do come with a full 14 day money back guarantee. If you are within this time, simply return the phone to the place of purchase. If you have exceeded this time, the manufacturer warranty would come into play. You also have the option of contacting the manufacturer directly for options at http://spr.ly/6609Evucc. You mentioned that the phone is not staying connected with Wi-Fi, have you attempted this with more than one Wi-Fi connection? What exactly happens when you lose the connection? When did this begin?    LorenB_VZW

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