LG K20 V Camera & Volume Keys Malfunction

My new (2 months old) K20 has been experiencing some technical difficulties lately.

The rear camera has stopped working completely. I can use the front camera but get an error message when trying to switch to the rear. Also apps that use the rear led light, like flashlight, are not working either.

At the same time, the volume keys have ceased to function. I can still adjust the volume by going into settings and sound, but it is much less convenient. I have installed all the updates, restarted the phone (in safe mode and regular) and even performed a factory reset. Nothing has helped the issue.

Does anyone have any advice for me?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: LG K20 V Camera & Volume Keys Malfunction
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You definitely did all the necessary troubleshooting to ensure it wasn't caused by a software/app issue with the safe mode & hard reset processes. Next step would be to utilize the warranty coverage for hardware issues

Re: LG K20 V Camera & Volume Keys Malfunction
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I rely on my phone to work well and definitely want you to have a good working phone, JESMCG28. Thank you for completing all of those steps so far. Let's continue to dig into this. Has there been any damage to your phone? When did this issues start? After the reset, did you test out the phone without any apps in it?


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