LG Optimus Zone 3

I bought this phone for my daughter and she somehow got locked out of her phone and it reset.  She doesn't remember what email she used when she set up the phone.  We have tried finding the email with the phone number to the phone but we haven't had any luck to recover the email.  Is there anyway to get past this?  I have tried hooking the phone up to the computer to see if i could reach the files and it won't even show up.  I've factory reset it but it still goes to the google verification.  I'm at a loss as to what to do at this point other than throw it out the window, which i'd rather not do.

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Re: LG Optimus Zone 3
Verizon Employee

enelson364, we help you get past this. I apologize. For security purposes, we don't have the ability to retrieve the original e-mail address that was set up on that device. As a result, you may need to set up a new e-mail address when completing the activation set up menu.

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