LG Stylo 2v Ad pop up when open phone

Within the last couple weeks my phone has taken I believe 2 updates.  Now when I open my phone it immediately displays an advertisement.  This often magically un-mutes itself so I get advertisement blasting from my phone at in appropriate times.  I must close the advertisement before I can do anything.  This is wasting my time but I can't find how to stop it.

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Re: LG Stylo 2v Ad pop up when open phone
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MrsBadger , 


Online advertising can be quite frustrating, but it should't show up on a phone outside of an application. Is this ad for the same thing each time, or does it change? While system updates do not include advertising, do you recall downloading any apps at this time? For now, check out this link to restart your phone into Safe Mode and see if that ad issue still shows up: https://vz.to/2ARFOuB


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