LG Stylo battery issue

Recently my LG Stylo 2 V began getting very hot and the battery drains very quickly. I've had this phone for less than a year. I tried to replace the battery but the phone said it was an invalid battery and shut down after a few seconds. Any suggestions on how to solve this issue? Thanks.

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Re: LG Stylo battery issue
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Having a reliable battery is crucial to being able to stay in touch. Firstly if the phone is heating up to the point where it isn't safe to handle, please power it off, do not attempt to charge it and take into one of our stores ASAP. As your safety is always our first priority. Click here to find a store http://vz.to/2tXDoq5. Regarding the phone stating that the battery is invalid, that is usually an indicator that the battery inserted isn't the correct or manufacturers approved. Where did you get the replacement battery? Did you go to LG's website to ensure you are using an approved battery?



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