LG V10 Does it have option to format SD Card as Internal Storage?
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I currently have an LG G3 and had a problem transferring more than 3 apps to the SD card. When I tried after 3 I got the error "not enough storage space"  When my G3 internal storage space had 15gb left and my SD card had 30gb left.  I am looking to upgrade to the V10 but want to make sure this issue is not present on the V10 as well.

After much research I found that Verizon had modified Marshmallow not to allow us to format the SD card as Internal Storage. That would have allowed us to store apps on the SD card. Someone had been on the phone for several hours with LG /Google etc trying to find the issue and it was found. Other Carriers did the same thing.

Here is the form where I found this information:
About LG G Stylo internal's storage | Page 2 | Android Forums

Anyway can anyone help me by doing the following and reporting it back here?  Go into your Storage and USB and select SD Card (you must have an SD card installed for this)?  Then on the top right corner the three vertical dots to tap on those and select the Format option. This WILL NOT format your SD card but bring you to a menu that should give you options to format as Internal Storage or as portable storage. My G3 only has the option to format the SD card as portable storage. So I can not save more than 3 apps to the SD card.

I'd like to know if the same issue plagues the V10 and Verizon has limited my ability to store apps to the SD card with this phone as well.  This will be a deal breaker for me whether I get the V10 or end up going with the Note 7.

Thank you!


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