LG V10 Update 2/22/17

I did the LG V10 update while I was sleeping last night, and since I've been using it today, it's been god-awful slow, laggy, and will freeze for 10-20 seconds at a time. I tried restarting it, taking out the battery, and I didn't want to be impulsive and do a factory reset because I've got a lot of settings altered (and last time I did it, it messed me up mentally until everything got put back to normal). Did anyone else have this problem?? I'm going quite insane, because my parallel space app hasn't stopped crashing, my typeapp is glitchy, I keep getting a notification for "Was this you who accessed your gmail?" like every 5 minutes, and messenge+ and messenger are going to [Removed]

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Re: LG V10 Update 2/22/17
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You might want to consider completing a system cache clear through the recovery menu. It won't erase your data, but it does clear the temporary files needed for the update and hopefully allows the phone to run smoothly.

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Re: LG V10 Update 2/22/17
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I haven't had an issue with the update.

I would say do as suggested.

  1. Power off the phone
  2. Press and hold Volume Down and Power
  3. On the white screen follow the directions to scroll to and perform Cache wipe.