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I just received my LG V20 yesterday, and I love it so far. My only issue so far is the battery. I had it charged to 100% and within 6 - 7 hours it was down to 10%. I recharged it after everything was re-downloaded to it. The only thing I can think of is when you go and lock the screen, the date and time stay on the screen. Any suggestions? I don't think there's anyway to shut that off. Thanks!

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Re: LG V20 Battery / Clock
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Battery not lasting as long as my Note 7.  I think you mean  when the main screen is off you can see date/time. To remove go to settings/Second screen , Go to "When the main screen is off" and click off at top. . I have eliminated lock screen 

Re: LG V20 Battery / Clock
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The display on the main screen (when device is locked) does not use much battery. When you first receive the device it is typically recommended to completely charge the device before you add on your stuff. After you charge it to 100%, deplete the battery completely to 0% and then charge it back to 100%. This helps with battery life, as that first charge is critical. That is why you receive it with 50% - 60% battery life.

Re: LG V20 Battery / Clock

Cliche as it sounds, most people experience short battery life the first week or 2 after receiving a new phone since most people spend a lot of time on downloading, setting up, and playing with the phone.  It also takes a bit for the phone to learn the usage habits and adjust.  As time goes by and tweaks are made by the user as to what apps to keep, what settings to save, and such, the battery time will settle, adjust, and improve.

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The lithium ion battery does not need to be drained fully, as it doesn't develop a memory as did with older NiCad (Nickel cadmium) batteries. Google or read article below. http://www.batteryuniversity.com/learn/archive/memory_myth_or_fact

Draining the battery fully and recharging will cause more heat and in time shorten the lifespan of the battery. There has been much written about  wireless charging causing the battery to heat up more during charging and likewise not good for the battery.

The V20 was suppose to have wireless charging capability but is not activated or not sure about it because I know my Verizon V20 charge light will change to red on the charger but the battery icon doesn't change on the phone?