LG V20 Volume Levels Lower Than Expected/Necessary

Below is a message I sent to LG's support team regarding the loudness (or lack thereof) capabilities of the V20. Don't get me wrong--I'm not trying to blow the speakers out. But next to comparable phones, like an iPhone or Galaxy, the V20's max volume (for ringtone, notifications, music, etc.) is loud but not loud enough (considering the varying environmental conditions in which one might be using the phone).

I recently purchased/am leasing an LG V20 from Verizon and am mostly very satisfied with its performance. However, I do have a significant concern about one of its capabilities that has me considering whether another phone would make a better choice for me. My issue is with the phone's volume. Regardless if it's music volume, notifications, or ringtone, etc., the "max" volume--while very loud for most situations--just isn't as loud as one would expect (and not as loud as comparable phones like the Galaxy or iPhone) considering that the volume setting is set to its loudest. If this is an issue that cannot be addressed by a software fix, it's unsettling to me, especially if I need to set an alarm to wake me or I'm working in a noisy environment with construction occurring outside (a circumstance I found myself in recently) and I'm listening to a podcast/for email notifications, etc. For a high-end phone, it should be capable of louder sounds without damaging the speaker hardware.

Any thoughts? Has anyone else had the same experience with their V20?



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