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LG V20 sound muffled

I just bought a used LG V20 and switched to Verizon. No doubt  it is a very big phone. Unless I talk near the bottom, I get complaints that the sound is muffled especially when I call non-Verizon customers . The sound quality on my end is excellent. Has anybody else experienced this type or problem? I still have time to return it for a replacement.

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Re: LG V20 sound muffled
Champion - Level 3

Do make sure that you do not cover the hole at the bottom where the microphone is. Also at the top of the phone there is a small hole that is the noise cancelling microphone. Make sure that they BOTH stay unobstructed.

Re: LG V20 sound muffled
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, V20_Owner. I would suggest making sure that there is no casing or plastic that may be covering the speaker on your device. You can remove the case and try making call to someone who you previously had this issue with. Please let us know the results. CecileC_VZW_