LG Velvet Order Incomplete

Ordered a LG Velvet and so far really like the phone. However, the box did not contain the sim card removal tool so that I may put in a memory card. The box was suppose to include the tool. The sim card came preinstalled. Very disappointed! Seems everything in this new reality we live has to be hard. I could not find a way on the Verizon site to request the tool or even start a chat on the topic. I doubt I will buy a phone from Verizon again. I stopped many years ago because of issues but decided to try it out again. Guess I don't learn very well.

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Re: LG Velvet Order Incomplete
Customer Service Rep

Congrats on your new phone purchase, Graalmas. We want you to love your new phone and apologize you do not see the SIM card removal tool. Looking at the device packaging, it shows you should have received the tool with the new phone. Have you tried looking the the paper case that your charger comes in? If you are unable to locate the SIM card removal tool, you may also use a pin or the back of an earring to remove the SIM card tray.