LGV10 bluetooth pairing issue

I keep get a message that a Panasonic tablet is trying to pair with my phone, connection is not available, try again later.  Every 45 seconds I get this beep and same message.   This only happens when I am at home as I don't have a panasonic tablet, ist is coming from somewhere in my neighborhood.   Is there any way to cancel this request?  I have hit cancel button, just comes back 45 seconds later with message "can pair with this device, try later" .  I have hit the pairing button, nothing happens.  I don't know any of my neighbors well enough to ask them, so I hope there is a solution for this problem.  Any advice.

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Re: LGV10 bluetooth pairing issue
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We are always here to help zuni49. I can understand how inconvenient it can be to keep getting those Bluetooth pairing notifications.

It sounds like a device near you is picking up the Bluetooth connection on your phone. Have you checked to make sure the Discovery Mode on your phone is turned off http://vz.to/2rw4wNg? If the Discovery Mode is turned off no other devices will pick up on your Bluetooth connection. Give this a try and keep us posted.


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