LTE connection stability

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Has something changed with the equipment on towers in my area? my Moto G7 Power, 17 months old, constantly changes from 3G, to 1X, sometimes it picks up LTE band 13, and has around -103dBm, but it doesn't hold onto that connection.

This began sometime in the middle of September at my office where I am all day. My phone use to work in my office, 2 bars of LTE, band 13. Worked fined. I could google things, I'd get calls, and texts. But now something has changed, I am not sure if my device is getting kicked from band 13 for priority or what (I am Verizon Prepaid) but I never had a problem before 4 weeks ago.

Verizon support told me several weeks ago, that yes changes were being made to towers local to me, but now they say everything is done and the phone should work normally. Well is this the new normal for Verizon coverage in my area?

I have an old pantech UML290 USB stick at work too. It only works with LTE band 13. From my desk it reports RSSI of -76dBm, and SINR of 6dB (not great I know) but it always connects, and has a decent download/upload. My phone sitting right next to it, sits on 3G and never connects to band 13 LTE. What gives.

Re: LTE connection stability
Customer Service Rep

We can understand how frustrating that would be. Support is here for you. Please meet us in a Private Note, so we can look further into this. *Bee