Lg Transpire vs810pp camera issues :(

Ever sence I got this phone my front camera worked once then said camera not working and went to main screen now there is NO button to switch to front camera I download a app and said it doesn't reconize I have a front camera my phone has also never had an update and I know it should have at least updated my operating system once . it tells me there's no update at this time. I took it to Verizon they said hardware issues they think and to call LG so I did and they want me to send my phone out . there's got to be a way to fix this without sending it across country ! PLEASE HELP FIX THIS !!!

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Re: Lg Transpire vs810pp camera issues :(
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We want to make sure you can use your front facing camera for selfie pictures, Daniellelarrabee27. I know this is a concern for you and we want to make sure you are all set. Please try resetting any open applications using this link http://vz.to/2aFHojC. Also, clear any Individual App Cache http://vz.to/29V6DSf. Keep us updated on your progress we are here to help.

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