Lg screen of Gonowhere

I am personally naming this announce the Gonowhere dilemma. The night of Christmas eve my LG G3 decided to shut down. When I attempted to turn it back on it made it to the Lg screen and promptly went black. Slightly annoyed I removed the Battery and tried again. This time it made it to the red Verizon screen then shut back down. Finally, after many attempts, it powered back on Christmas morning. While filming my children open their gifts my phone once again crashed, turned it on saw the video was corrupted and within the hour it shut back down. The phone on the 26th decided to only stay one for two hours. It will not stay on long enough after going to the hard reset using the down volume and power key, it will not factory reset, it starts but decided to kill itself. I have used the original charger, swapped batteries, and have attempted everything online has asked me to do. I attempted the factory reset several times now but it shuts off during every time. 

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Re: Lg screen of Gonowhere
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Having a reliable phone is a must, Kschr091. I know how important it is to capture those wonderful memories on your phone. Let's make sure you don't miss out on capturing any more and get you a phone that is working. I have sent you a private message so we can better assist.

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