Lied to about cost of service

Jan 2021 transferred phone from a Verizon corporate account (after 13 yrs.) to personal account. Worked with a great rep, extensively, who gave me the new quote for service. Phone transferred. Service quoted at 109 per mo.  Rec’d first bill and it was 190!!!!!!! Rude customer service on the personal contract-nothing like the business rep-had to spend 2 hours on the phone-Jan 20- to get a supervisor-name was Andrea-located in Tennessee. Verbally fixed problem. Next mo., problem not fixed. Bill was 150 and continues to be same.

Can’t reach Business reps any more as now the account is personal. 
Customer service REFUSES to get me to Business reps. I am reporting this to my corporation as well as FCC, and North Carolina Attorney Generals office.

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Re: Lied to about cost of service
Customer Service Rep

Apmeli01, I'm so sorry about this horrible experience with the transition to a personal account, I would be just as upset over the bill being higher than what was quoted. 


Did our Business Team quote $109, or was it our Personal Accounts Customer Service? 



Re: Lied to about cost of service
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Unless you have an active business line, a transfer to business would have been pointless since the IVR would keep routing to consumer care based off your number.

Reporting to the FCC etc. wouldn't do anything if the itemized breakdowns match prices Verizon is advertising them at. A rep can say the sky is purple, but if you have $150 worth of services, you're getting charged $150.

Post the name of the plan you have and any extras you are paying for such as insurance, payment plan etc.