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Verizon wireless customer care will tell you any thing you want to hear to make you think they are doing what is right for the customer. They make Verizon Wireless prepaid customers feel as though they are second rate and could care less about you at all .I am going to file a discrimination suit against them based on the type of plan I have. I am contacting the BBB consumer affairs and the Attorney General. This is just the start of post I will be putting every where to let America know that the government might want to lighten up on the banking industry some and have the FCC look into Verizon's practices .Mark my word they can block me from chatting with an agent or calling to speak to a representative but my voice will be heard. I will not stop until my satisfaction is met and followed through with .Let the battle begin 

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Sure you are going to do all that. You know instead of just switching carriers and moving on. If you have money for file a lawsuit why are you on prepaid? Heck you never even bothered to say what you issue is. 

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Nowhere in that entire jumbled rant did you mention what the issue is. No one is going to take a threat from a prepaid customer seriously. Being that zero credit is tied to prepaid accounts and they are strictly pay per month. You're free to do this thing called changing carriers. Would be a far more productive use of your time.

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We are sorry to learn you feel this way. We definitely care about all of our customers. Can you tell us what specifically you don't like about your plan? Is there something we can help you with? DoloresK_VZW