Locating IP Address on locked phone
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I'm a noob and got a Samsung note 5 a few weeks ago. Problem is I can't power my phone on and I have location services from Google maps that shows a timeline location I'm not familiar with (although I may have been there) but does not give device i.d. just IP address. Since I can't get into my phone is there a way to see if the IP address matches my device either from my Verizon wireless or from any alternative methods?

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Re: Locating IP Address on locked phone
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No, but you can google that u forgot ur password an it will tell u how to reset the phone, it deletes everything but you will be able to get back in the phone and you don't have to unlock it to do it usually it's a button combination that will pull up black screen with green or red little letter u will pick whatever Google tells u With the volume button ot erases an resets everything