Loss of signal
Enthusiast - Level 1

I find it impossible to believe that so many people are experiencing signal loss and Verizon knows nothing.

I have 3 bars from 9pm to 9am, but from 9am to 9pm (you know, the hours people are awake and on their phones) I get 1 bar...or 3g...or 1x...or no signal. I have been taking screenshots of it for months. 

I pay $204 a month for 2 phones and 2 mifis all with unlimited. Apparently unlimited on my mifi is 15gbs. Unlimited on my phone is 30gbs.

I seriously wish there was a lawsuit, I would definitely join that. 

I'm tired of being lied to and drained of money for near zero service. When I call to complain all I get is sales pitches. I should buy more service, upgrade my phone, etc.

Verizon is terrible!