Lost Data Problem in addition to Oneway Microphone Issue

I want to make a complaint for the service I received today. I am unhappy with the technical skills of the customer service reps. The mic of my phone has not been working properly. I called the 611 support desk at 7:40pm. The first rep did some trouble shooting but unable to figure it out, so he transferred the phone to another rep at 8pm. The second rep seemed to be knowledgeable and used different trouble shooting methods. However, he still can’t figure it out. He agreed sending me a new phone. In the meanwhile, he would help me get back all my information as we backed them up. At 8:45pm, I restarted my phone and reset my phone per his request. However, my applications, text messages, and some photos still can’t be retrieved. I was shocked that all these have been lost. At 9:15pm, he transferred me to a Google customer rep. She didn’t know what she is doing and also unable to retrieve my information. What made it worse is that she asked me to reinstall the applications and will follow up in 24 hours. I am very angry of the incompetency of the reps and the bad service received. As a customer, we trust you in helping us resolve issues not create issues. I am also upset with Google’s incident remediation process.

I gave my phone to my husband, and within 10 minutes he was able to get most of my messages, call history, and apps / app data restored – there were ways and settings on the phone that none of the service reps had me to do.  They didn’t seem to know about the device, more than a person off the street spending 10 minutes couldn’t figure out!

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Re: Lost Data Problem in addition to Oneway Microphone Issue
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Those reps talk to different people about LOTS of different devices.

It is good that your husband was able to get your stuff back however, backing it up is really your chore. It is not up to the reps to make sure you have done that properly. If you are using an Android phone, you should back you photos up to Google Photos. It is free and unlimited. There are also plenty of apps that back up messages. Verizon Messages + is really good for that but there are also third party app (which Verizon reps won't tell you about because they aren't Verizon apps). These 2 apps alone should take care of all of your backing up needs.

Re: Lost Data Problem in addition to Oneway Microphone Issue
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Do you know how many dozens of devices are on verizon network and you expect a CS rep to know everything about each one? they are CS reps not techs. Not only could you got to the manufactures website to seek help there are many other websites and forums with tech minded people that could help with your device. It's up to you to learn how to operate your device.

Re: Lost Data Problem in addition to Oneway Microphone Issue
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I'll also state that I can pretty much guarantee that I can fix or find something on a phone pretty fast with the phone in hand, but to try to direct someone over the phone (who is not able to do this in the first place) would be significantly harder if not impossible in many instances.

Over the phone, the rep is relying on you to tell them what you see & to receive feedback from you as to what the device is doing and options available to select.

So in addition to what has already been mentioned-- of course someone with the device in their possession is going to be able to back up or retrieve YOUR data better than someone over the phone would.....

Kudos to those reps for trying to help you get YOUR data on YOUR device restored. A complaint for them not being able to do something over the phone (that you couldn't do with the phone in hand) is uncalled for......