Lost phone in house - 2 issues to that
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Tried locating Samsung by calling it. 

No sound.

(Last night it displayed on screen that it was set on "Do Not Disturb".  Could not find how to change that which explains why we are getting no ringing to find it... - maybe I threw it down food disposal after frustration...)

Anyone have Verizon phone #?  I want to have them lock it, or whatever, in case I forgot that I took it to the store.   But I really do not think I went to store last eve or today.

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Re: Lost phone in house - 2 issues to that

it's only on dnd because someone defined a time when they didn't want the phone to ring & receive messages.

when it comes out of dnd parameters it should ring, if the battery has something left!!

Re: Lost phone in house - 2 issues to that
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Have you tried this yet? Find, lock, or erase a lost Android device - Android Help

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Re: Lost phone in house - 2 issues to that
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Oh no, I have been in your shoes before when I lost my phone Cacitoo. Where you able to take Ann154 suggestion? We are unable to lock the device, but we can put it on the lost/stolen list and take a look at your options. I have sent you a Private Message so we can further assist.


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