MMS on HTC U11 failing

So I've had a HTC U11 for nearly two months, and it worked fine.  All of a sudden it stopped receiving MMS messages.  I did my DD and ready as many threads as I could find on appropriate troubleshooting and worked through them.  This included clearing the android cache, uninstalling & re-installing the apps (either Verizon's messaging app or Textra), resetting the phone to factory defaults, and getting a new SIM.  Some of these "fixes" worked for maybe an hour, or a day, but the issue with failing to receive MMS message kept coming back.  I was also able to exchange my U11 at Amazon because I had started a return process within the 30 period, so I completed that and received another U11 as an exchange. 

I've also called Verizon support and was escalated to their Tier two, and I've been on line with HTC trying to fix the problem.  Both companies point fingers at each other, but the one thing HTC told me to do is verify the APNs since that's what controls the server from the carrier, and is very critical for MMS. 

Can Verizon share the valid APN's?

I've been to two Verizon stores for assistance, and to get a new PIM.  The manager at the 1st store several weeks ago was very friendly, helpful & knowledgeable.   Then, after receiving the exchange this past weekend, I went to a different Verizon store to get another SIM and had a completely different experience.   While I'm trying to have a friendly chat with a very non-responsive representative, I asked him about why a new SIM would help.  His response was that Verizon was updating towers, and every time there's an update, a new SIM card is needed. I was stunned at his response, and I'll just end it with that, even though that conversation continued with some more eye rolling on my part...

Is MMS messaging important?  I have a Brother and Sister-in-Law in Houston who was impacted by the storm, a Sister in eastern Wa that's on the verge of being driven out of their home due to wildfires, and 2 nephews that are serving overseas.  You tell me Verizon, is MMS important?

The HTC U11 is clearly identified as an approved device for use on the Verizon Network,  I don't understand why Verizon would allow this to happen. 

The bottom line is that I left Sprint for what I thought was a better Network, and in several areas I believe it is.  But I purchased the HTC U11 because I was (and still am) very impressed with it, and I want to keep it, so it seems my option is now to go back to Sprint.

Verizon, can you help? Is this problem able to be resolved so I'm able to stay on your Network as a customer?



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We are glad to see you are now with Verizon and we regret seeing there is an issue with the MMS for your HTC U11.

You have already done quite a bit to resolve this and the ability to MMS is vital for all phone users.

Since the device is not a Verizon device, we are not able to guarantee all Verizon services will work with the phone.

We also are not able to share APN information.

Are you using Verizon Message + ?




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Hi Tamara, you may very well be right, but all of my experiences has me (respectfully) disagreeing with you.

I understand that this is not a Verizon "Branded" phone, but the U11 is a Flagship phone based on a mature Android Operating system, and designed by a manufacturer that Verizon has a history of doing business with.  In fact I would be very surprised to learn that there was no collaboration between HTC and Verizon (not to mention all carriers) when the U11 was in development...  certainly the Verizon requirements on what is required to implement MMS messaging on its network is well know to HTC.

In addition, there are governing bodies such as Open Mobile Alliance or CTIA who help define the standards and specifications for multimedia messaging.  Since MMS is a "mature" technology (and not unique to Verizon) and all parties involved have working relationships, Verizon's stance of not guaranteeing all services because this isn't a Verizon phone is (in my opinion) a very weak position to take.

In addition, after plugging my MEI # into Verizon's web page to see if my device was compatible as a BYOD (which showed that it is) I don't recall seeing a disclaimer referencing a lack of functionality.  Is there such a statement / warning that is clearly articulated?  It never occurred to me to even question if something as basic as MMS would be supported.  Since I was informed that the device was supported, I decided to purchase the phone best suited for my needs, and to take it to a Network that I believed was better than what I had been on.

An  analogy would be that of installing a wireless NIC card into a PC.  It shouldn't matter what type of PC I choose (Dell, HP, Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, IBM, Microsoft, etc...) and it shouldn't matter what type of NIC card I install (ASUS, Rosewill, HP, TP-Link, Linksys / Cisco, etc...) The NIC card is just an interface, a pipline if you will, to transmit and receive information.  Standards as well as the the Operating System and the system BIOS, determine how the NIC talks with the PC, as well as the routers and internet, (PS.. this statement assumes reputable vendors and products).  The same is with Verizon & MMS. 

If you think about it, Verizon doesn't have to approve every app in the Google Play Store or the Iphone App Store for use, nor did Verizon approve the design of the AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint Networks, yet Verizon is deeply interconnected with each of these carriers at multiple locations across the country, and this meshed network works well because of standards.

As a consumer, I spent several hundred dollars on a new phone, in part based on Verizon confirming that it was a compatible device, and then switched my service to Verizon, only to spend many many hours trying to resolve an issue that should not be an issue.  Even if this isn't a Verizon issue (which I believe it is) this is not an isolated incident, and I'm curious as to why Verizon doesn't take a different approach?  Instead of excuses, why can't Verizon be more proactive and work with its customers to help resolve the issue?

BTW... When I plug the MEI # into Sprints BYOD portal, it very clearly says that this device is not compatible with their Network.  That's what Verizon should be doing.

I would appreciate a private email or PM on this matter.



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Verizon Wireless needs to start posting the APN information especially as more and customers start using unlocked devices. The other GSM carriers provide the valid APN for their network. Verizon Wireless should follow suit.

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