Many issues with latest system update Q720VS20a (Stylo 5)



Is there a way to revert system updates? The latest one from September 30 breaks a lot basic features.

1. Camera freezes. It gets stuck trying to autofocus after you snap the camera and has to be restarted.

2. Bluetooth audio broken. When I pair to my speakers both appear to be connected, but audio still plays through the phone speakers. I have to turn off bluetooth and repair both devices.

3. Lockscreen clock is white. I have a light wallpaper. I can't see the time. There used to be a dark shadow/outline around the time, which was removed.

4. High contrast mode is NOT high contrast. The last update seems to have made Night mode and High contrast mode the same thing. High contrast mode puts gray text on black backgrounds and is very unreadable. This is an accessibility issue.

All of these features were working fine 3 days ago. The latest update broke a lot of these basic functions. I want to throw away my phone.



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Re: Many issues with latest system update Q720VS20a (Stylo 5)
Customer Service Rep

We always want you to be happy with your phone. Sometimes when an update is done, your settings can revert back to their factory settings. Have you gone through and made sure that your settings are set up the way you would like it?