Marshmallow Update OTA??
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I know Samsung has given the 6.0.1 Marshmallow update to Verizon but does anyone know when they're planning on pushing it out to S6 Edge owners for OTA upgrades??

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Great question. It’s vital to have the latest software on your device to get the best performance. We can help right here. At this time, we do not have any time frame of when the software will be pushed out. We do provide the service to your phone that allows your device to be alerted of any software update, but we do not have the ability to push it out. This is determined by the owner of your operating system (Android/Google) and the manufacturer of your phone. Have you reached out to Samsung directly? They can be reached at 888-987-4357.

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That's funny, because I just now called that number and asked Samsung. They said that it is completely up to Verizon at this point as to when the update is released. Hmm....

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Samsung said they released the update a week or so ago and it's up to you guys to get it out. It's pretty bad that you guys release marshmallow for 3 to 4 year old phones but the ones that are less than a year old have to wait longer. I'm about the take both of my phones elsewhere because Verizon never has an answer to these types of questions and then when you do finally release the update its already outdated and loaded with VZW bloatware.

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I've only had problems since I got the update on my LG G4...I'd be wary of updating at this point!