Miracast on Moto Z Force

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I'm a new owner of the Moto Z Force, but the Miracast feature isn't working. It worked great on my retired Droid Turbo. No devices show up when I select "Display" and "Cast" from the settings menu with the TV's ready (2015 model Samsungs)

Verizon website states it is compatible. Wireless Display - Moto Z Droid Edition / Force | Verizon Wireless

Several other websites state it hasn't been working, but i haven't found anything from Verizon or Moto. Thoughts?


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Re: Miracast on Moto Z Force
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We definitely want you to get the most out of your phone. Reviewing the first link provided we see that it was mentioned Miracast is not supported by the Moto Z Force and that Chromecast would be. Within our specifications we do see that Miracast was a supported application for the Droid Turbo but Miracast would not be listed for the Moto Z Force. Have you tried Chromecast with similar results? It may be best to reach out to Motorola Support for further assistance https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/.

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Re: Miracast on Moto Z Force
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In the first link provided by the OP it states that "To view your smartphone's screen via an external display, a MiracastTM-enabled HDTV or a Wireless Display adapter is required." which implies the Miracast is compatible with the Moto Z Force phone. The Chromecast mentioned later in the sentence was referring to the types of Wireless Display Adapter that are compatible. If Miracast is truly not compatible, the Verizon Wireless support page needs to be updated.

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Re: Miracast on Moto Z Force
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If I had known that the only device that I could cast to was a Chromecast, I wouldn't have purchased this phone.  I have multiple devices and televisions with Miracast built in.

Re: Miracast on Moto Z Force
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I too have this issue.

Verizon please work with Lenovo/Motorola about enabling this feature.   Apparently all you need to do is modify the 'build.prop' file and it will enable the function.

I have many Miracast devices and I don't always have access to wifi networks.  Miracast acted like a 'wireless HDMI' cable.