Mobile Hotspot Doesn't Work

I have a Moto G5 Plus which I frequently use the mobile hot spot on. Recently this feature stops working randomly. For example, last night I used the mobile hot spot to connect my laptop to the internet. Worked great. Left my phone on all night, this morning tried to do the same thing and all I get are "page not found" errors on my laptop. The laptop connects, but I can't get anything to load using the hot spot connection.

In the past this would happen for a couple of hours and then fix itself but it's now becoming very common. Any idea what I need to do to fix it? I pay for an unlimited plan with 20 gb of hotspot data and I can't use the hotspot. It's very annoying.

Re: Mobile Hotspot Doesn't Work
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Probably shouldn't leave a device on all night. Espeically a cheap one. Long exposure to heat damages electronics

Re: Mobile Hotspot Doesn't Work
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Tinaev, it's important to have a reliable connection with your Hotspot. I'm sorry to hear that your connection issues are progressively worsening. We're here to help get you set up for success. You had mentioned you're on the plan that gives you 20GB a month for Hotspot, do you know if you're over that limit? Have you been able to test the Hotspot with any other devices?