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Hey, I have a Samsung Galaxy A50. When I got it two months ago it was good. If I downloaded something via steam I would get about 1.2 - 1.5 MBS through mobil hotspot onto mt win 10 computer. Once I reached my data limit I was throttled which isn't an issue, I'd get about 50 - 60kbs. About two weeks ago things changed. My download would get at most 30kbs and even now after I got the data reset and I had priority data I still only get about 20kbs. My pone would get 2 bars but when kept near the window I'd get three. The number of bars never affected my download this much even at 2 bars I'd still get 1.2mbs (a month ago). Now I might be lucky to get 3 bars near the window and sometimes will drop to 1 bar. What the blood heck are you doing to the towers?
My zip code is 14701 clest to 14782

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Hey there. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your speeds. I did search for those zip codes and found no outages. Let's work together to solve this. Please turn off your Wi-Fi and then run a speed test. Share the results via a screenshot. Do you have trouble with your mobile data speeds?