Mobile internet dropping out

For the past week or so I've been having trouble with my mobile data.  It'll be working fine then just cuts out, nothing using internet will load.  Sometimes it's up to an hour before it works again, the whole time showing full 4glte signal strength.

Question is, is the network being overloaded from Pokemon go or is something else going on?

This morning was really bad, could barely get on at all.


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Re: Mobile internet dropping out
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I don't think it's a network issue so much, especially not due to pokémon go, Verizon actually made a statement in an article I read, stating that Pokémon Go accounted for less than 1% of their network traffic (I think).

That said, I would contact Verizon tech support directly. It could be an issue with a local tower. However, do others you know with Verizon (family members perhaps) have this same issue? If not it could be pointing to a radio issue in your phone.

Re: Mobile internet dropping out
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Those are all great points xyvis. @ADAATK37 let's take a look at your area to ensure there are network issues. What is the zip code you live in?

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