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When I send a text and include an emoticon it does not appear. The person only gets a blank text and when I look at the history of our texts it's a blank text for me as well. I was told by the Verizon Associate to hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time to do a soft reset. That just takes a screen shot. According to the Verizon website I press the power button until "power off" appears. I tap that then press and hold the power button again until the Moto logo appears. That's called turning the phone off and on. Does anyone know how to do a soft reset?

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I love using the emoticons LisDea48. I am sure I will get yours working as well. What messaging application are you using for your text? When you send an emoticon message and it does not show on the other end, does this happen to everyone you send it to?


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Have you tried using emojis instead? I prefer to send emojis vs. emoticons.

On the Moto Z it depends on which app your using to text. More than likely your using Messages + the Verizon solution or the native messaging app - Messenger.

If your using Messages+ and want to send emoji click on the smilely face on the lower right next to the mic icon. On my friends Moto Z I also just sent myself a text (emoitcon Smiley Happy) to my iPhone 7 and it came thru as a : ) smile face. Sending an emoitcon and how it appears on the receiving end really depends on the model device they are using. I hope this helps!