Moto Z Force - Can't set up OK Google in Smart Lock
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When I try to set up voice recognition with OK Google through my Settings\Security\Smart Lock\Trusted Voice\From An Screen, my phone "listens," but then reports, "Can't use the microphone. Restart your device." Restarting does not help. OK Google is installed, and I can get it to hear me if I tap the microphone icon in the Google bar on my home screen. I also have the Moto app installed, and it works okay.  Disabling Moto does not help.  The last suggestion that I received was to do a factory reset, which I'd like to avoid.  Thanks.

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Re: Moto Z Force - Can't set up OK Google in Smart Lock
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KEW921, thanks for reaching out to the team. I use this Google feature and love how hands free it is. Lets get your phone working correctly so you can experience it as well. If you select "From the Google app" instead of "From any screen" do you see any changes? Are you connected to data or WiFi when you do the search?

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